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What are energetic cords or energetic attachments and why do we need to cut them?
Kyanite Crystals - cutting cords with crystals
When energy is exchanged with others, sometimes their energy sticks with us. Have you ever had a family member or friend come to you with some really heavy stuff and then you find yourself overwhelmed or drained, can't seem to move away from it? Sometimes we pick up other people's energy and don't even realize it.
Another important time to cut energetic cords is when you have negative thought patterns, addictive behaviors or cyclical thoughts that you just can't seem to shake.
Cutting cords is cleansing your energetic field. Wiping it clean by removing these energetic attachments so that you can be your true selves and raise your vibration. You can use this technique when needed or even at the end of your day. If you work in a very stressful environment you can make this a part of your nightly ritual before bed.
These steps will help you to remove unwanted energy exchanges and refresh you on an energetic level.
  1. Smudge your environment and yourself. You can use sage, palo santo or singing bowls to cleansing the energy in your space and break up any negative or stuck energy. Think of it as spring cleaning energetically!
  2. Holding a piece of kyanite, sit comfortable and close your eyes. Focus on your breath and notice where your energy feels affected. Where do you feel the weight? In your mind, throat, heart or stomach?
  3. Visualize pulling that energy out and use your hands like you are pulling a cord out. Lifting up the hand holding the kyanite, draw it down and envision slicing that cord detaching that unwanted energy from your energetic body. Then take that cut cord and imagine plugging it into the earth. Continue to do this as long as you feel the need.
  4. Using selenite or a clear crystal place it over the area of the body that you pulled the cord from and visualize a bright white or golden light filling that space with joy and love and healing.
  5. Seal this space and your mind with forgiveness, forgiving yourself and the people in your life and others. Send forgiveness out to the universe and to yourself. Use whatever method of forgiveness you find comfort in, whether it's through prayer or affirmations or intentions.
  6. Cleanse and purify the crystals you used with sage or palo santo. Wash your hands thoroughly and drink a glass of water. You may even choose to bless the water with love and then drink in that water blessing.
That's it! Check back for more ways to cut cords and release attachments that are not serving you. Now go and enjoy the journey!


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