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Face Soft Towel Company

Towels designed to help our Oceans! 
FaceSoft Towel Company, a family-run Miami Beach business, offers an all-natural, extremely absorbent, plush towel that benefits both the skin and our fresh water sources because it does not contain any plastic.
“As I began my hunt for a super soft cotton towel, I came across many statistics about the harmful effects of microfiber that left a deep impact on me. Then, I began to research how towels were made in the past, before synthetic plastics were used,” says Chris Nemeth, owner and founder of FaceSoft Towel Company.

Microfiber, a synthetic plastic material most commonly used in towels, is polluting our oceans, by way of washing machines. FaceSoft Towel Company has made it a priority to eliminate all microfiber and any synthetic plastics in the manufacturing of its towels, while still making them super soft and highly absorbent. 
The FaceSoft Original Towel is manufactured using a method over 100 years old that Nemeth discovered during his two-year worldwide search for the rare, high-quality cotton. The process is proven to produce towels that are both high-end and durable, inspiring him to launch his own company in order to provide his customers with luxury towels that also simultaneously stops the further damage that the plastic materials have done to the oceans.
“It took several years to find the long strand cotton, but we did and now we want to change the synthetic textile industry and how towels are being made,” added Chris.
The FaceSoft Original Towel is made with long strand, no twist cotton, we call Aqua-Cotton®, resulting in maximum absorption and the preservation of softness after every wash. Only manufactured with eco-friendly materials, these towels naturally degrade if ever disposed in landfills, the ocean, or even compost piles—fully decomposing within an estimated six to eight months.

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