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Urban Halo - Queen Cobra Headband


Designer: Urban Halo

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Queen Cobra

Don’t look directly at it or you might get pulled in. Okay wait. On second thought, stare at it just long enough until you’re tempted to nab one for keeps. Did we get you?! The gravitational pull with this one is strong and glaring. So we call this sizzling beauty our Queen Cobra. Kind of mesmerizing, isn’t it? A halo with a teasing touch that leaves you wanting more. But look too long and you risk being entranced by the hypnotic hues and swallowed by the array of colors so smoothly integrated to give it that tantalizing tone. We might not understand the mysterious intricacies of cobras but we do know this one is the perfect addition for that boundless run with no agenda. So throw it on and follow to see where the queen takes you.

Did you know?

  • Our signature blend of superior sweat-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry during all that thrills you.
  • Adjustable width allows you to customize your look; for the beach, hiking in the mountains, or kayaking.
  • Ultra-soft and crazy stretchy keeps you looking fabulous without the headache to all the places you wander.
  • To maintain optimal wear, we recommend you hand wash in cool and lie flat to dry. 
  • A loyal brand that’s handmade with love in the fabulous USA.
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