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Aquatine Blue Calcite Angel Crystal | Calming Aquatine Blue


Designer: Natures Artifacts Inc


Aquatine Blue Calcite Angel, with its beautiful appearance, releases gentle, calming energy that is extremely soothing and relaxing. Aquatine Blue Calcite is a magical gemstone that is said to bring happiness and peace. It resonates with the Heart Chakra to bring deep, emotional healing. It is also believed to assist in opening and activating the Throat Chakra to promote clear, optimistic, and peaceful communication.

The lovely Aquatine Blue Calcite Angel is ideal for meditation as it is known to help attain emotional balance and self-control. Makes a charming decor piece that also works to harmonize family energies, bringing love and compassion to close relationships. Easy to carry along for protection from negative energies. Amazing gift for crystal lovers. With its extraordinary energies of wisdom, enlightenment, and peace, the Aquatine Blue Calcite makes a great addition to any Crystal Grid or Crystal Collection. Buy our supreme quality Aquatine Blue Angel to make a elevate your product range!

Size: 3 x 2 x 4 cm

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