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What People Are Saying About Modicum Skincare


Monica Behan, the creator of Modicum skin care, is a highly knowledgeable skin care specialist and herbalist. She enhances health and skin repair with oils and essences of the highest quality that give core support to all layers of the skin. I can feel Modicum's high quality, deeply nourishing and repairing effect on my skin immediately after I apply it. My skin has been feeling more supple and alive since I have begun using it. I highly recommend this product for my acupuncture and holistic facial rejuvenation clients.
— Katrin Schubert, M.D., Ph.D

Modicum essential serum is a wisely and lovingly crafted blend of botanical oils. The quality, purity and mastery of blend impress me. As an ND, I practice medicine that provides for sustainability and ongoing health. I also have strong food and environmental sensitivities and have been using basic oils such as coconut or sesame as a daily skin regimen. When Monica introduced me to Modicum, I found a serum that feels incredible on my skin and has offered nourishing benefits wherever I have applied it regularly. This is a line I would carry in my clinic and recommend to my patients as well as use daily.
— Amy Chadwich, N.D., Doctor of Naturopathic and Endobiogenic Medicine

I am writing to tell you how much I LOVE your products!
I received my first bottle of serum as a gift, and have gotten completely hooked. After trying nearly every form of face cream under the sun, especially the ones that are supposed to be "all natural" or "Herbal and botanically based" I have never found one that feels better, and has the long lasting effects of Modicum. I have worked as a river guide in the Grand Canyon for the past 15 years, and the sun has not been kind to my skin. After only 3 weeks of using the cleanser and serum I am seeing some great results, and my skin feels softer and more hydrated. It truly feels nourished. Thank you for making such a great all natural product!

- Ariel Anderson, River guide, Ski bum and nature lover.

Just a note to Thank You for your sample of face serum. I have used serums in the past with less than optimum results. With other serums, I have experienced clogged pores as well as a greasy feeling that looked more stressful than rejuvenating. Your serum is delightful. The serum is gently absorbed and I can immediately see illumination. My skin has required a significant amount of attention all of my life and I am happy to say that this is the first product that truly has me pleased when I look in the mirror. I am looking forward to experiencing your entire line of products and would be interested in offering your line to my clients in my nutrition practice. Thank you for bringing such simplicity and integrity to skincare. Your products require minimal amounts for quality care and the price is refreshing! 
— Lori Mercian, Clinical Nutritionist

Modicum skin care was recommended to me as I began chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Chemotherapy is known to cause dry, dull, itchy skin. I have used Modicum since beginning my treatment and it has truly saved my skin. My skin is emollient, smooth and has a healthy glow despite the chemicals of chemo. My friends have all commented how beautiful and healthy my skin/face looks and want to know what I am using. I plan to continue using Modicum even after my treatment is done! 
Gwen Schvimmer

I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!!  I have/had a recurring and annoying little-hard-skin rash around the nasolabial fold of my nose that appear, linger and then eventually go away.  Once I felt the rash coming on, I used the Serum immediately a couple times per day. Usually once it starts it lasts for a few months and then goes dormant, I guess.  I am thrilled that after a couple applications I have yet to have the rash come back.  I believe it is true that the ingredients in the serum allow the skin to return to a natural state.  What a gift!  Thank you!!! 
— Rev. Tiffany Barsotti, M.Th., C.Ht., Spiritual and Medical Counselor, Subtle Energy Scientist

I’ve been using Modicum serum for the about two months and it is amazing the difference that it has made; my skin has never felt so smooth and looked so radiant. I just use a few drops of the serum before I go to bed at night and when I wake up, my skin feels like it’s been rejuvenated from the sun/dirt/stress of the previous day. Also, as someone who is conscientious about using natural skin care products, I have peace of mind Modicum uses only organic, plant-based ingredients. I would highly recommend Modicum products to anyone who wants healthy, glowing skin!  
— Aldie K. Levine, Attorney, Albany, NY

I'm always in search of completely natural, good quality facial products, that work. Modicum fits that description perfectly! The degree of moisture it provides to the face is amazing for dryness, fine lines and overall good skin care. My favorite thing about Modicum is that it is made with 100% pure essential oils (not synthetic fragrance as so many others are). These oils penetrate deeply into the skin. Also, because it goes into the skin, there is never a greasy or oily residue left on the skin. It goes right in. I usually will use a product for a few months or so and it either doesn't do anything or the results stop after a short time. Not so with Modicum—I've been using it for several months and plan to continue indefinitely. Thanks Monica for developing such an awesome product!  
— Patricia Mitchell, Natural Health Practitioner, The Natural Choice Health Alternatives

My friend, Brenda Swanson told me about Monica's plant-based serum. I didn't use it on my face. However, I had put some oil on my arm where a skin cancer growth appeared. I used it for three days and the scratchy raised skin disappeared! I have been going through MOHS skin Cancer surgeries on my legs for the past year. When I rubbed the oil on, the redness and swelling reduced. I now want to use it all over my arms and legs to prevent more cancer from returning! Thank you, Monica! Thank you Modicum! 
— Carole Wells, Los Angeles

Modicum serum is the best product I have ever used. This product has helped to heal and nourish my skin daily and it's the start and end of my day. Modicum serum has helped to improve and balance my skins natural oils and even my complexion. I recommend Modicum to anyone looking for a healthy skincare product to rejuvenate and improve the health of your skin! Modicum is a special gift from nature!


I was quite concerned recent minor surgery on my face might result in unsightly markings. Following surgery, I applied Modicum Essential Serum to the area every morning and night. I am thrilled to report no noticeable markings resulted. The serum also left my skin smooth and supple. I would highly recommend Modicum Essential Serum to anyone! 
—Karen Richmond, Director of Childrens' Home, Watertown NY

Modicum is a product that deserves a place in the market as it is truly both what consumers have been missing and needs. In an industry where the mass market is saturated with chemically artificial products and synthetics, it is refreshing to see an all natural product introduced and produce the amazing results and benefits that every consumer deserves. From its aromatic smell to the performance and quality enhancement; Modicum is a product that I swear by!! — Derrick Lewis


My skin loves the serum! It stays soft and moisturized all day. — Marie Gale, Author, Good Manufacturing Practices


When I used Modicum, I literally could tell the difference for my skin the very next morning. The fact that all the skin nerds I know have abandoned their regime in favor of a single product is telling: Modicum works! —Lorraine Nicholson, Filmmaker, Los Angeles


I love the smell and the way my face feels after the application of the serum. I use it daily and always wake up to clearer, softer and more elastic skin in the morning. It has become an indispensable part of my beauty routine. 
—Elodie Mailliet, Getty Images, New York


Modicum serum is the best product I have ever used and it's all I use. I use it after cleansing my face it works as my day, night, eye and neck cream. It lightens dark spots, tightens pores! It lives in my home, purse and car. Make sure to use a good sunscreen too. —Brenda Swanson, celebrity-go-to-girl on all things beauty, health and yoga; Creator of the Live, Love, Life style blog, Health, Wellness and Yoga Coach


I love the serum, it is amazing and have to say I have used a lot... From Thanlgo to Eminence, and I really love yours... the texture and thickness is perfect... you nailed it! So excited to try rest of your products. —Jennifer Lindsay, Hawaii


At first I was hesitant to try the Modicum Serum, having previously used other popular serums which ended up clogging my pores and causing breakouts. However, after using Modicum Serum consistently for a month I can say that it is unlike all others I have tried. After two weeks of use I was delighted to find that there was no clogging or breakouts, in fact, any small breakouts I had actually cleared up. Furthermore, my skin looks more even, plump and glowing. I've finally achieved that hydrated and dewy look and would recommend to all! —Jennifer, Attorney, Rochester


I have been using your product for four days and I see the change in my skin already. I love it! As an Aesthetician, I try a lot of products that I never want to sell at my spa, but I love Modicum and I am really excited to be using your product on all my clients. —Amy, Island Spa, Key West, FL


Modicum is a great product, and can be used for many purposes.  Anyone will benefit from using this product. When I have breakouts it can be very painful and sting, leaving parts of my face an angry shade of red. Modicum immediately alleviates the pain and reduces the redness. I highly recommend this product.  
—Eva Light, Portland, Maine


Modicum is nothing short of amazing.  Monica noticed some dry patches on my face, and offered me some Modicum to try. After a couple of days, I noticed great results. Not only was my skin color more even, but many of the fine lines by my eyes had disappeared!  I highly recommend using Modicum you will not be disappointed. Friends and family have had similar results, I guarantee that I will be reading your testimonial soon. —Andrew Dunham, Portland Maine


Initially, I had trouble spreading the serum evenly over my moist from the shower skin, but as the weeks went on I fell in love with this stuff.  I love the herbal smell and how it makes my skin feel.  I used 5 drops for my whole face and neck. The first week was a little rough because my skin goes wild with any new product I use but after that my skin's appearance and feel were great. Thanks for this wonderful product. —Dianna Fisher, Fort Drum

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