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Complete Set of the 7 Chakra Mist Essential Oil Sprays.

Designer: La Femme De La Mer

$250.00 $280.00

Do you love essential oils and want to always have the right scent at hand for every mood or situation? You will enjoy having the Entire Chakra Collection. This set is the perfect gift for a yoga teacher or spiritual individual. Set the mood you'd like to create or just enjoy the many scents of this collection in your every day life with a spritz! Save $10 by purchasing the set! (single bottles $30 each).

This set includes 1( 4 fl oz. /  120ml) bottle of each Chakra Mist.

Therapeutic grade essential oils : Geranium, Rose, Witch Hazel. 4 fl oz. / 120ml

Chakra Mists can be sprayed in a room, on the body and on your linens. Use in meditation to please the senses.

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