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Jo's Upscale Wholesale - Sage Palo Chakra Alignment Balancing Kit w/crystal hematite

Designer: Jo's Upscale Wholesale

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Complete kit to help you balance and align your energy for everyday wellness. Each item in this special kit can help set the stage for a clear mind and a healthy Chakra system. 1 3” White Sage smudge stick 1 Palo Santo stick 1 set of Hematite oval magnetic stones - hold one in each hand anytime or during meditation, to assist with ground energy, protect, balance the flow of energy, pain relief, focus, mental clarity, concentration and makes a great blood cleanser. 1 Tumbled Quartz the master healer 1 Bone Charm to carry your intention with you 1 Ying Yang sticker 1 Bell to help clear and wake up your energies within and out into your environment. Sizes may vary slightly and each bone charm is chosen at random and you will receive one of the charms seen in the picture Palo Santo and Sage are both ethically and sustainably sourced. Sage may crumble slightly in the bottom of the organza pouch.

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