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LEMON TWIST – 4 fl oz. / 120ml

Designer: La Femme De La Mer

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Lemon essential Oil is an immune stimulant, digestive tonic, cleanser, and skin cleanser. Antioxidant. Supports healthy skin and circulation. Detoxifier and cleanser. 

This citrus mist is uplifting to the body and mind. The fresh citrus scent is very light with a hint of vanilla. 

May be used directly on skin or anywhere! Great sprayed on counters and sinks for a fresh clean scent!

  • Use directly on skin as a cleanser, detoxifier and body fragrance.
  • Spray in a room as aromatherapy & to detoxify and freshen the air.
  • Spray on counters and sinks for a fresh clean scent.
  • Spray in your car for a more refreshing commute.
  • Mist on linens and curtains for a room refresher.
  • Mist in the air to improve concentration, detoxify and stimulate the immune system.

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