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Natures Artifacts Inc - Amethyst Stand Up | Amethyst Decorator | Amethyst Décor

Designer: Natures Artifacts Inc

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This unique and beautiful Amethyst Specimen is from Uruguay with base cut to make it stand on a flat surface. Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal that brings calmness, relieves stress, overcomes fears, dispels negativity, activates spiritual awareness and enhances psychic abilities. It is ideal for use in meditation and healing spaces to boost energy. It adds elegance to home décor and makes a stunning gift for any occasion because of its color and natural formation. Buy our supreme quality, natural Amethyst Stand up, sourced from Uruguay, with the confidence that it will elevate your product offering to entice your customers. Each piece with vary in size, weight and look as its natural and unique. Approx. Weight Range Mini: 0.50-1.00 lbs Small: 1.00-1.50 lbs Medium: 1.50-2.00 lbs Large: 2.00-2.50 lbs Extra Large: 2.50-3.00 lbs

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