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Soul Full Necklace - Noreena Jasper 16"

Designer: SoulKu


This Noreena Jasper (10x14 mm) necklace is infused with the power of LOVE to support grounding, freedom and the release of negative energies.

Noreena Jasper helps to free one from all constraints, whether imposed by self or others. It is helpful with manifesting. In addition to the properties attributed to all Jasper, it can assist one to set the right goals and aid in achieving them. It can protect against psychic attack. It helps one be unnecessarily judgmental while protecting against judgment by others.

Each Soul-Full of Light necklace is handcrafted by stay-at-home moms (who earn a thriving wage) on a nylon "Mighty Miracle Cord" with sterling silver hardware and a colorful briolette stone that has been intentionally chosen and imbued with light and love. Our "Mighty Miracle cord" is Super Strong...Don't let the sweet and dainty look fool you, it can hold up to 9 lbs of Gemstones! The incredibly strong nylon cord is also almost invisible, creating the illusion that the stone is "floating" around your neck. Your necklace will become a touchstone and looks amazing by itself or layered with other pieces.

Our card beautifully highlights the healing energies of each gemstone and makes a meaningful and beautiful gift that is sure to make any woman feel special and loved.

*Comes with envelope.

Oh and guess what? You just did a GREAT thing! You just helped to financially support women who are fighting breast or gynecological cancers as a percentage of the proceeds from this sale go to The Hope Chest for Women. The Hope Chest for Women, Inc. was founded in 2003 to relieve some of the burdens created by breast and gynecological cancer treatment costs. Furthermore, the Hope Chest for Women aims to provide resources, financial support, and hope to women in Western North Carolina living with breast or gynecological cancers.

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