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Soul Mate Essential Oil Mist 4 oz.

Designer: La Femme De La Mer


"What you seek is seeking you"~ Rumi

"Soul Mate" is a sweet and feminine fragrance with hints of Sweet Bergamot. This essential blend encourages the release of pent-up feelings— feelings that can lead not only to depression but to insomnia, anxiety and sudden mood swings. It helps in addition, to redirect nervous energy away from unproductive and addictive behavior, helping us to rediscover spontaneity and optimism. Bergamot helps us to relax and “let go.
  • Use directly on skin as a fragrance
  • Spray in a room as aromatherapy
  • Spray in car for a more relaxing commute 
  • Mist on linens and curtains for a room refresher
  • Mist in the air to evoke a soothing, calming environment

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